About Us

Everyday Gifts™ is a venture of Dignity Stores with over 25 years in corporate presence & retailing which has rendered an impressive network of gift that specializes us into specific niches. The success of this network has produced a natural growth into an even grander idea that has led to the creation of everydaygiftsco.com as an online mall for every type of gift imaginable. You can count on everydaygiftsco.com to take your gift buying experience to a whole new level, regardless of the occasion.

At Everyday Gifts™ we strive to bring you the best gift store with the most unique gifts making shopping online effortless, simplistic, fun and interesting.

Think of Everyday Gifts™ as your Online Gifts Mall whether you are looking for Gifts from any category such as Photo Frames, Mugs, Fashion Jewelry, Collage frame, Keychain etc for any specific person such as Friend, Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Grand Parents, Uncle, Aunty, In-Laws, Boss, Colleagues, Gifts for Corporates etc. And what’s more, it’s easy to find something suitable for any type of occasion, such as Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Thank You Gifts, House Warming or even any Gift just in the spirit of Gifting! You'll be sure to find an amazing array of exciting Gifts for Your Loved ones.

Our range of gifts represent Top-quality. Even if you're just browsing for ideas, you will find the perfect unique gift at the right price. At everydaygiftsco.com you will see that you can even customize and personalize the gifts, making them extra special and individualized, like in our DIY range of fashion jewellery where you can very easily create a 'Name Keychain or a Bracelet'. Personalized gifts with your wordings and even photos uploaded from your collection or templets from our collection. For when you want to tell the person how important he/she is for you by the means of a gift, then thousands of thoughts cross your mind... Also, even if a person may have everything he needs, the joy of receiving a personalized/customized gift adds the perfect element of surprise and makes one feel very special.


Everyday Gifts™ has the sole mission to provide high quality products with superior customer service. We want our customer service to rate second to none and you will find that we back that up with employees of high standards in ethics and integrity.

The beliefs and values that guide our business strategies, our corporate behaviour and our relationships with business partners, suppliers and customers are such that our services and products must enrich people's lives. The creativity and quality – in our products, services and all that we do – are essential to our success. This innovation in all areas of our business is vital to attaining and sustaining leadership.

Our final goal is to have you, the customer, come back over and over again, feeling totally satisfied with our products and service; for we are committed and dedicated to you and your needs.Our customers are our number one top priority and we prove it each and every day to the thousands of customers who continually purchase their products from us.


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